Lecturer: Bernhard Hidding, Grace Gloria Manahan

Institution: Strathclyde

Hours Equivalent Credit: 12

Assessment: Continuous Assessment

This course is cross-listed with the Physics and Life Sciences theme.

Course Summary

Lasers, particle beams and radiation such as x-rays are essential instruments for imaging, drug research and treatment in life sciences. The course would address both established and cutting edge radiation generation methods for a variety of biomedical applications, as well as occurrence of radiation in nature and their effects. Then, the mechanisms of interaction of the different types of radiation on the nuclear, atomic, molecular, cell and system level (e.g. the patient) are discussed. Finally, fundamentals and progress in biomedical applications such as x-ray radiography, magnetic resonance tomography (MRT), positron emission tomography (PET), electron microscopy and other radiology imaging techniques, radiation-assisted drug R&D as well as laser surgery, cancer radiotherapy with photons, electrons, protons, neutrons and ions, and other treatment techniques will be covered. Next to providing an overview on the physics behind these techniques, the course will also include practical considerations and is intended to facilitate and support interdisciplinary research projects and collaborative applications.