Subtitles and captions

Automatically generated captions / subtitles for lectures and recordings

Automatically generated subtitles can be viewed when joining a live lecture or playing back a recording from a laptop or PC.

Windows 11, MacOS, iOS and Android have a setting for live captions.

  System Settings > Accessibility > Live Captions

If you have an older laptop or desktop without this capability, Google Chrome also provides live captions.
  Chrome > Settings > Live caption

See links below for more information.   

In-class automatic captions

iOS and Android offer 'live captions / live transcribe' capability, which can be used in a classroom or lecture theatre

    Settings > Accessibility > Live caption

For translation search for the Google or Apple "Translate" app in the app store.

Disability support services

If you have a disability or require additional support to access the SUPA lecture courses, then please contact your university disability support service.  All of our university partners have dedicated disability support staff, who will be able to provide additional advice.  This service may also allow provide other support such as access dedicated software or technology, or to arrange in-class support staff such as  interpreters, notetakers or live subtitlers.   

MacOS - Using Live Captions

Windows 11 - Live Captions

Google Chrome - Live Captions on laptop or desktop

iPhone real time live captions

Android live captions or continuous live translation captions

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