Upgrade Wiki for My.SUPA - report bugs here

This is a page of notes about features and problems which are related to the upgrade of the My.SUPA site. Feel free to add any comments or questions here.

Upgrade for My.SUPA

October 2008 Several local upgrades to My.SUPA

1. Improved File Upload

See guide to uploading a file:


File upload process has been improved. Fewer screens to click through, and provide extra text and links to help users through the process of uploading files.

2. Add department contact links into user view. Allow users to search using departmental contact lists and tools.

3. New user search form in SUPAmail

4. Users and sites block, improve wording for user counts.

5. User tab. Minor change to user tabs : include the word grade in activity report tab: 'activity reports & grades'

6. Event start times in the moodle calendar. Shown in sidebar minicalendar, and in month view.

Some changes which affect development areas only.

9. Changes to SUPA4 theme to show name of development area as a banner
over test sites

10. Remove config.php from version control. Prevent this file being
overwritten by sync.

Changes which have already been pushed through over the last week.
Noted here for completeness only.

11. supa_timetable.php (new fixed Semester 2 timetable)

12. Enrolment emails - emails are not sent when flag set to false. Fix
for empty array. Set enrol email flag to false (already in as temp fix)

13. Change to css in SUPA4 theme so that course/index.php shows the
course summary and course name as 25:75 split, not 50:50 (already in as
temp fix)

14. Changes to supa_timetable.php to update the course listings

15. Mailing list page fixes

Improvements for admin users

7. User filters - add three buttons to allow you to replace, reset, or
add to existing conditions.

8. Modify moodle admin menus - make supa search page the default.
The 'List of Users' link does not show the full range of SUPA profile
Add enrolment logs shortcut, and duplicate statistics links in
reports section.

August 2008 My SUPA has been upgraded to version 1.9.2

List of new features:

* user profile page has been rewritten for SUPA
* course information block (coursetool) is linked to the moodle calendar
* personal lecture calendar for each student

* html editor improved for table editing and remove columns
* on uploading a file you have the choice of viewing the file, or returning directly to the course, instead of being forced to download it by default
* fixed problems with downloading files or viewing PDFs in Internet Explorer 7

More detailed notes on Moodle 1.9.2 are available


If you find any more problems please do add to the list by editing this wiki - or email the webmaster

June 2007 - My SUPA has been upgraded to version 1.8, and all of the SUPA websites have been moved to a new dedicated server.

List of new features:
* increases file upload capacity increasing from 2M to 20M per file
* improved assignment module with advanced file upload capability
* new lesson module and improved quiz module
* automatic virus checking on uploaded files

* full inline latex capability in any text box, forum post or wiki
* other improvements to accessibility, security and usability

* inline help for LaTeX notation

Problems fixed

  • The default background colours of the calendar entries were very nasty and have been fixed.
  • The text limit on long quiz answers has been reset to 9999 characters (from the very inadequate default of 40).
  • Supa data info tool fixed for use with 1.8
  • Latex math capability added
  • Latex math documentation started
  • Popup Information boxes show SUPA course information and schedule
  • Links to timetables fixed
  • Fixed code in calendar to allow easy use of calendar feeds

Internet Explorer issues

Text not displayed in IE7

If you copy formatted text from Microsoft Word My.SUPA it may contain Word markup codes. These codes are ignored by compliant browsers (e.g., Firefox) but effectively prevent the text displaying properly when viewed in Internet Explorer. Even more annoyingly the edit links no longer show up, so you can't correct your error unless you change browser.

Table editing in IE7

Table editing widgets are not available in the html editor and new cells cannot be added by pressing the TAB key.

PDF download problem in IE

Investigate and identify users with problem (Possible fix - force download patch MDL-11821 | http://tracker.moodle.org/browse/MDL-11821

Master list of problems and issues to resolve. [edit]

(resolved items shown in grey)

(FIXED) 1. Language updates Some text needs to be customised eg. 'My Courses'

2. Some blocks are in different places in the new site - This depends on
TODO: review the blocks using staff login and student login to compare appearance of courses. Decide what blocks are needed by default.

3. Update the guides to using My.SUPA for posting course material (see staff area)

(FIXED) 4. Change the list courses page so that supa part of the summary is displayed (and added context dependant link to info tool)

(FIXED) 5. Change the list courses popup so that the detailed 'supa course information' box is shown

(WILL NOT FIX) 6. Teacher forums are no longer generated automatically. (won't fix - see Upgrading_to_Moodle_1.7#Teacher_forums">1.7 release notes

7. Old teacher forums may have the wrong access permissions. Lecturers may not have access to these (check this) MDL-9590

(FIXED) 8. mysql admin for Karon

(FIXED) 9a. Math parsing in forums and wikis - install latex, imagemagick, ghostscript and activate filter. Can now type latex code in any html box surrounded by two dollar signs eg.$$\frac{1+2}{3}$$ appears as \frac{1+2}{3}

x=\frac{-b \pm \sqrt{ b^2 - 4 a c}}{2 a}

9b. or ascii math if possible

(FIXED) 10. The 'Search for a Website...' button in 'Add a resource... Link to a file or website...' doesn't work in Windows Firefox and Windows IE6. MDL-9262

(FIXED) 11. Restore link from Calendar to timetable.

(FIXED) 12 Globally replace the word 'teacher' with the word 'lecturer.' There used to be an admin setting for this.

(FIXED) 13 Migrate studentship data

14 Add computer language filter

(FIXED) 15 add context dependent help to htmlarea input box (next to yellow keyboard icon) to link to LaTeX and syntax filter

(FIXED) 16 Upgrade had caused lecturers to be unable to edit the words in the sections of their courses.

(FIXED) 17 Lost summary table from quiz tool - add third party mod to display all answers in one table

18 Text not displayed in Internet Explorer. Formatted text copied from Microsoft Word into the week or topic sections of courses may contain Word markup codes. These codes are ignored by compliant browsers (e.g., Firefox) but effectively prevent text displaying properly when viewed in Internet Explorer. Even more annoyingly the edit links no longer show up, so the person who put the faulty text code onto the page can't correct their error unless they change browser.

19 Refreshing the browser window while still in edit mode may undo the changes you have just made. When moving blocks around on pages, please exit from edit mode before refreshing the page.

(FIXED) 20 Internet Explorer 7 does not display the table editing widgets in the html editor and new cells cannot be added by pressing the TAB key. NOTE: August 2008 upgrade improves the editor allowing you to add new column using the icon toolbar

21 My.SUPA pages are sometimes slow to print because unreasonably large files are sent to the printer buffer. Workaround: print from a different browser. TODO: Investigate possible browser issue (might be Windows Firefox only). Might be Edinburgh only.

21 Entourage autolinking '--------' characters as part of attachment URL sent by forum tool. There needs to be a double line break or a space character then line break at the end of the URL sent by emai to prevent this problem

22 cleaning up html in all areas - enable and configure tidy filter (?)

23 emails being sent in HTML format contain CSS which can cause some email clients (esp. old versions of Pegasus) to format the text in really small font. Look at CSS and relationship with theme. Is this the cause of the problem? Consider options to send bulk email to large groups of users without HTML formatting. (is sending bulk email through forum tool optimal - check headers generated enable suitable filtering by staff and students receiving the email. and that reply-to is suitable.

If you find any more problems please do add to the list by editing this wiki - or email the webmaster