Organising SUPA events

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Guide to advertising SUPA events

Advertising an event [edit]

Follow Decision Key 'Events' to help you to decide whether it should be advertised by SUPA.

Decision Key 'Events':

1. Will the event be broadcast to or from more than one SUPA VC room? If Yes, Go to 3. If No, Go to 2.

2. Is the event a face-to-face meeting that has received significant SUPA funding? If Yes, Go to 3. If No, Go to 4.

3. The event is a SUPA event. SUPA events can be posted in the Events Announcements Forum. After posting, please check that your event has been noticed by the SUPA Central admin staff and put into the SUPA Calendar.

4. Is the event being held between one SUPA VC room and VC rooms elsewhere in the UK or the World? If Yes, Go to 5. If No, Go to 6.

5. The event is a Connect event.

6. Is the event open to all or most SUPA members and being held in Scotland? If Yes, Go to 7. If No, Go to 8.

7. The event may be of interest to SUPA members but is not a SUPA event.

8. The event is a local event.

Registering participants for an event [edit]

The options are:

The My.SUPA enrolment system
Google form
A bespoke registration form
Use a professional conference organiser