This is a biennial course which will run in 2018/19 but will not run in 2019/20

Response functions and Green’s functions provide a powerful mathematical language in which to describe the physics of many-body quantum systems. This course is a short introduction to them. The first few lectures define the various Green’s functions of interest, and calculate them explicitly for a few very simple systems at zero temperature. The remaining lectures give brief introductions to several more advanced topics, including Green’s functions at non-zero temperature and Green’s functions out of equilibrium. The lectures are supplemented by several problem sheets, in which the emphasis is on a strong grasp of the basics. The course is designed to be accessible to any graduate student (theoretical or experimental) who has a decent undergraduate education in quantum mechanics. Some - though not much - knowledge of the formalism of second quantisation (creation and annihilation operators) is required.
Assessment: Continuous Assessment