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    Getting Started with Video-Conferencing

    Lecture in Edinburgh SUPA roomIn this course you'll find a set of resources to help you to get started in using the SUPA video network to attend or deliver lectures.

    Many of SUPA lectures will be made available by ClassView video conference, but arrangements for courses may vary.  Some courses may be teaching from other later lecture rooms, or make other arrangements and use Teams, Zoom or use a recording-only system.

    If you join online, please consider turning on your camera for a short time at the start of the lecture, or during questions.   Please do help the lecturer by unmuting and letting them know whether the lecture content or slides have been shared successfully.

    Lecturers and Students - Joining remotely: lecturers and students may join SUPA lectures from desktop, laptop or mobile devices.     See "Joining remotely from another location". 

    Attending a lecture from the SUPA rooms

    It is possible to join from a SUPA video conference classroom in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Strathclyde and St Andrews.   The rooms are set up to automatically answer the calls.  Calls normally start at 5 past the hour.   You may also use the menu to join early.

    When attending a lecture you will need to :

    • - turn on your projectors or video screens
    • press a button on the desk to switch between the two cameras.   

    In some rooms you will also need to press 'unmute microphone' on the Vidyo remote control.  Please also use mute/unmute if there is a lot of background noise at your location.  See 'One page guide' below.

    Call not connected?

    If your room is not connected to the conference exactly at the expected time, please follow instructions on the 'Connecting and reconnecting guide'.  If you see a  calendar entry with the right name and time you may use the Vidyo remote to select it using the arrows and OK button to join the meeting.   If the call does not connect on time, and you don't see the expected calendar entry, please call us immediately.

    Please note an updated support helpdesk number:

    +44 (0) 330 053 1700

  • Joining from PC, laptop, tablet or mobile

  • Using the Classrooms

    Quick start guides

    In this section you'll find a set of quick start guides which you can use as a quick reminder of the process of taking part in a SUPA lecture.  

    The rooms are designed to be straight-forward to use without requiring any special training.  Instructions are posted in each room, along with support contact details.   Please allow a few minutes to familiarise yourself with the room on your first day,.

    Giving a lecture or presentation

    If you are giving a presentation note that you need to do two things - select the input source using buttons on the desk, and also tap 'share' on the vidyo remote to start sending it to the screen, and to tap 'share' again to start sharing during a call.

    University of West of Scotland

    The equipment in the SUPA room in UWS is different from the other SUPA rooms.  UWS staff and students are advised to your local support team.  See support contacts below.

  • General Support Notices

    In this section you'll find general support notices for the rooms, including our fire procedure

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    Who to call / First time using the room

    There are instructions posted in the rooms which should be straighforward to follow.  Please allow a few minutes to get set up on your first day, and also check the list below for the location and any special access arrangements such as door code.

    SUPA lectures normally connect automatically to all of the scheduled rooms at 5 past the hour.