Lecturer: Gian-Luca Oppo
Institution: Strathclyde
Hours Equivalent Credit: 24
Assessment: Essay (60%) and Presentation (40%)

Course Summary

The course is beneficial to students interested in the interaction of laser light with atoms and materials. It provides useful theoretical and numerical skills that have become basics in many research fields in quantum optics, photonics, quantum information processes, light- matter interaction and their applications. Topics covered include: second quantization, raising and lowering operators, density matrix approach, the Lindblad form of decay rates, two and three level atoms, Rabi oscillations, electromagnetically induced transparency, coherent population trapping, enhanced refractive indices, slow light, sub-natural line widths, self-focusing, spatial solitons during propagation, light-matter interaction in optical cavities, Maxwell- Bloch equations, optical bistability, cavity solitons, parametric down- conversion and optical parametric oscillators.