** This course is biennial.  It will take place in 2023/24, but not in 2024/25.**

This two-day course is taught in-person in St Andrews.  It will be held on 10-11 January, 2024. 

Solar power is the most abundant renewable power source.  This course provides an introduction to solar photovoltaics (PV).  Lectures introduce the problem of energy supply, and the amount of solar power potentially available.  The general principles of PV will be covered, followed by lectures on a range of current and future PV technologies, notably silicon, thin film inorganic, organic and perovskite photovoltaics. 

The lectures are complemented by labs giving hands-on experience of characterizing solar cells and their constituent materials.  The course is open to anybody with an interest in solar power, regardless of their current PhD project.  

*Please note that students will need to obtain their own funding for travel and accommodation related to taking this course.  Interested students should discuss funding with their supervisor.