Lecturer: Kishan Dholakia, Carlos Penedo-Esteiro, Malte Gather

Institution: St Andrews

Hours Equivalent Credit: 33

Assessment: Attendance, news and views article.

This is a final year undergraduate course organised by University of St Andrews.

Course Summary

The module will expose students to the exciting opportunities offered by applying photonics methods and technology to biomedical sensing and detection. A rudimentary biological background will be provided where needed. Topics include  fluorescence microscopy and assays including time-resolved applications, super-resolution imaging, optical tweezers for cell sorting and DNA manipulation, single molecule studies, photodynamic therapy, lab-on-a-chip concepts and bio-MEMS.  

Two thirds of the module will be taught as lectures, including guest lectures by specialists, with the remaining third consisting of problem-solving exercises, such as writing a specific news piece  on a research paper, assessed tutorial sheets and a presentation. A visit to a biomedical research laboratory at St Andrews using various photonics methods will also be arranged.