Lecturer: Aleks Scholz
Institution: St Andrews
Hours Equivalent Credit: 10
Assessment:  mock observing proposal as homework

Course Summary

This course will enable PhD students to carry out astronomical observations with large telescopes. The course includes 5 lectures on the basics of professional observations, given by observatory director Dr. Aleks Scholz, covering planning observations, proposal writing, calibration, feasibility, operating large telescopes, future facilities, and on-the-fly data reduction. This core will be complemented by 5 lectures on specialised observing techniques, given by staff members in St Andrews, e.g. multi-object spectroscopy, robotic telescopes, integral field units, submm interferometry. The course will include observing training with the James Gregory Telescope in St Andrews.

Each group will be assigned a week of the semester for nighttime observations under the supervision of Dr. Aleks Scholz. For students outside St Andrews the practical training is organised as residential  course in 1-2 weeks of the semester.