Lecturer: Phil King, Peter Wahl, Bernd Braunecker and Chris Hooley

Institution: St Andrews

Hours Equivalent Credit: 35

Assessment: Problem Sheets, Presentations, vivas (for undergraduate students)

This is a final year undergraduate course organised by the University  of St Andrews.

Course Summary

The aim of this module is to give an introduction to a variety of modern topics of condensed matter physics. As well as surface properties and probes, we will cover the introductory concepts of topologically non-trivial materials – states of matter that are not characterised by spontaneous symmetry breaking but rather by a distinct topological order of the underlying electronic system. This has recently come to prominence in condensed matter physics with the realisation that seemingly conventional band insulators come in topologically trivial and non-trivial classes, the latter being known as topological insulators. This course will cover the underlying principles and introductory theory of exotic states of matter, will introduce the probes necessary to investigate them and their application in the study of other quantum materials, and will provide a survey of the current state of experimental results in this new and rapidly evolving field. 

Assessment: Problem Sheets, Presentations, vivas (for undergraduate students)