Lecturer: Lyndsay Fletcher, Eduard Kontar, Moira Jardine
Institution: Glasgow
Hours Equivalent Credit: 10
Assessment: Online Quiz, worked examples, short essay

This is a biennial course that will not run in 2020/21 but is expected in 2021/22.

Course Summary

The course will give an overview of the physics of plasmas, and introduce applications in astrophysics. Beginning with basic definitions and ideas such as plasma waves and kinetic theory, the course will develop fundamental concepts in astrophysical plasma diagnostics, including cyclotron and synchrotron radiation, bremsstrahlung and recombination emission, wave-particle interactions and plasma emission (coherent and maser). Magnetohydrodynamics will be studied as a tool for understanding dynamos, solar and solar-terrestrial environments, and magnetospheres. The course will conclude with topical lectures on plasmas in different astrophysical environments.

Students are strongly advised to take the Semester 1 course on Plasma Physics in the Nuclear and Plasma Theme first.