Introduction to Soft Condensed Matter (SUPASCM)

Lecturer: Aidan Brown

Institution: Edinburgh

Hours Equivalent Credit:  TBC

Assessment:  TBC

Course Summary

Our technological age is enabled by stuff - carbon fibre, steel,  concrete, high efficiency glass, sapphire coatings, toothpaste, silicon  wafers, plastics, dental implants, bullet proof vests, non-stick pans, Gore-Tex, liquid crystals, car tyres, detergents ... Big bucks and world domination from mastery of stuff!

Soft condensed matter (SCM) relates to states of matter which are neither crystalline nor simple liquids, including, most of our bodies (we are soft machines!), and plastic materials such as polymers.

This course provides an introduction to the behaviour and underlying physics of such materials emphasising where universal behaviour, driven at length scales between the quantum and macroscopic occur.