Lecturer: Dino Jaroszynski & Paul McKenna
Institution: Strathclyde
Hours Equivalent Credit: 16
Assessment: Continuous Assessment

This is a final year undergraduate course organised by the University
of Strathclyde.

Course Summary
This course will address the topical research in laser plasma interactions, laser-plasma acceleration and plasma based radiation sources.  It will be divided into four connected parts starting with a thorough but brief introduction to the main theoretical concepts of laser-plasma interactions. The second and third parts will address the interaction of intense laser pulses with under-dense and over-dense plasma respectively, with particular emphasis on laser-plasma acceleration, absorption, propagation, electron transport, plasma waves, shock waves, radiation mechanisms, non-linear optics of plasma etc. The fourth part will introduce students to the main concepts of free-electron lasers, which are important tools for scientists investigating the structure of matter. Students will proceed quickly from basic concepts to advanced and current applications such as compact radiation and particle sources,inertial fusion energy, fast ignition etc. They will gain a good introduction to laser-plasma interactions, which will provide a good basis for postgraduate research in this area.