The SUPA industry skills course is delivered by representatives from industry and focusses on essential skills for future careers.  We are very grateful to lecturers for making their time available to contribute to the course.

The course has been put together in collaboration with industry partners including Optos, Thales, Coherent, Leonardo, Marks and Clerk, and the National Physical Laboratory. 

The course will run on Mondays and Thursdays, mostly at 2pm, between Monday 20 May until Thursday 20 June and is open to all SUPA students, research and academic staff.  Note that lecture on Thursday 6 June is at 10am.  Lectures are given by VC, with lectures delivered from VC rooms at Glasgow, Strathclyde and Edinburgh (see course details).

While we encourage student participants to take the opportunity to attend the full course, we recognise that not all lectures may be relevant to all participants, therefore please indicate the individual lectures that you will attend using the questions included in each lecture description.

For students, professional development training credit will be given for lectures attended.

Further lectures and topics will be added when finalised.