The course will provide important theoretical techniques relevant to Quantum Technologies. Part I - Basic Photonic Quantum Optics: Field quantisation, single-mode fields and quantum states, beam splitters and interferometers, non-classical light and its generation. Part II - Interacting Systems of Cold Atoms: Microscopic description of interacting cold atoms from first principles (pseudopotentials for two-particle scattering; second-quantised field operator Hamiltonian), introduction of approximate methods to treat cold atoms (Bogliubov theory; classical fields and Gross-Pitaevskii equation) and cold atoms in optical lattices (Hubbard models and corresponding phase diagrams). Part III - Quantum Information: Topics will include basic formalism of quantum theory, Hilbert spaces, tensor products, quantum dynamics, measurement, basic protocols for quantum teleportation, cryptography and non-locality; basics of quantum algorithms: Deutsch-Jozsa, Simon, Grover, and Shor’s factorization. Quantum error correction, quantum entanglement and LOCC conversion.