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    SUPA Teaching Staff

    SUPASTF contains mailing lists, feedback forms and training materials for current teaching staff, GSMC members and other teaching-related staff. 

    Please refer to the Information for Lecturers page on the main SUPA website broader information relating to course planning, using the video classrooms, assessment, and accessibility.

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    Resources for printing - the leaflets below are a collection of older resources and advice.  May still be relevant.
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    What should I put in section zero?

    Section 0 of your course area is a good place to welcome your students and provide a description of your course (see Section 5 below for an example).

    To edit Section 0 or any other part of your course, first turn editing on using the button at the top of the right hand side of your course page and then click on the relevant "Edit ".

    Including a photograph of the lecturer helps to personalise the course.

    Consider putting resources that the students will use throughout the course into Section 0.

    If you have any questions about the management of your course area, please contact your nearest SUPA Learning Technologist or email the webmaster (
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    An example of an introduction

    Dear students

    knotsWelcome to this course on Advanced Lanyard Knotting (SUPAALK).

    This course is aimed at those who have a basic grounding in knotting or, indeed, knitting and wish to take the subject further. Those intending to take Extreme Crochet at the Limit (SUPAECL) in year 3 are particularly recommended to take this course in the second year of their studies.

    On these pages you will find presentation slides, lecture notes, useful links and some interactive activities. I shall assume that you are already familiar with the basic concepts of knotting. If you are unsure, please review the list of prerequisites below and take some time to fill in Quiz 1.

    Ideally I would like to make these lectures as interactive as possible and you will be able to ask questions during the lectures. However, if this proves daunting to do remotely, please feel free to use the forum space in these pages to submit questions, feedback and suggestions.

    Also, it would be nice if you could write just a few lines in the Social Forum to introduce yourself to the other people in the course. You can say for example what you are currently working on, why you have decided to attend this course, what your plans for the future are, and in general anything you want to share about your academic life.

    Working individually or with one other person, please prepare a sample of simple string knotting - demonstrating at least two complex knots - and bring it to lecture 2 so that you can display it to the rest of the group using the visualiser.

    In Section 4, you will find details of the course assignment. You are expected to write a short technical report on a novel application of lanyards. Please upload your submission by 15 November.

    Looking forward to meeting you on this course,
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    Video-conferenced lectures

    To arrange, change or cancel a VC lecture booking, please contact
    To book SUPA VC rooms for a meeting or seminar, please email

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    Gradebook resources

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    We ask the students to fill out a feedback form after each course - here is a sample one: