My.SUPA: Where do I find things on the My.SUPA front page?

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SUPA Front Page

If you have been given an account, you may log in to the My.SUPA site by using your fullname and password. Alternatively the login box may also recognise your email address as your username.

My.SUPA List of Courses (top-right)

After you have logged in the My.SUPA front page, the box at the top right will show a list of the courses to which you belong. Some of these are real lecture courses. Others are organisational areas such as ‘Staff’, ‘Mailroom’, ‘Condensed Matter Theme Area’

If you do not see the course that you require, follow the link to ‘All My.SUPA areas’ to see the complete list. During enrolment, students can preview and then enrol into courses of their choice. For late enrolment, contact the SUPA Office.

Overview of Front Page of My.SUPA (inclusing popup boxes explaining the importance of the List of My.SUPA courses in the top right)

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