You can enrol by visiting the course from the Theme list above.

Enrolment for courses in Semester 1 usually opens in early September. For course with a later start date enrolment is open until one week after it starts. If you wish to enrol after registration has closed, please consult with the lecturer and request via SUPA Central

Enrolment for Semester 2 opens in December of each year, staying open until the second week of lectures.

After you have logged in, you may visit course areas listed by theme above or using the 'All courses' list. Click on 'enrol in this course' while viewing the course page to enrol.

Late enrolment may be possible but cannot be guaranteed because the rooms may have been booked for other events. Please contact the SUPA office by email.

You will be expected to participate fully in the courses for which you have enrolled. If you find you are unable to attend a lecture due to illness or other commitments, please let the course lecturer know.

Last modified: Wednesday, 23 March 2022, 11:20 AM