Organising SUPA events

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Organising SUPA events

The purpose of this resource is to help members of SUPA plan and organise SUPA Events including seminars, workshops, meetings and Distinguished Visitor Lectures. Many SUPA Events will make use of the SUPA video-conference facilities.

This document is a wiki. If you spot any errors or omissions, please feel free to edit the information in this document.

Is your event a SUPA event? Use the decision-making key in the 'Guide to advertising SUPA events'. 

Special types of SUPA Event [edit]

Distinguished Visitor Lectures
Seminars, workshops and colloquia
Video-conference Meetings

Organising SUPA events [edit]

It's important to consider who is organising an event, and how it will be organised. The SUPA Event Checklist provides a basic level of considerations for organising an event. 

Advertising SUPA Events [edit]

SUPA events can be posted in the Events Announcements Forum. After posting, please check that your event has been noticed by the SUPA Central admin staff and put into the SUPA Calendar.

If you have a date a long time in advance, it may be useful to distribute a note to the ALL-SUPA mailing list, you can do this by emailing with the message you'd like sent.

Depending on the audience, you may wish to post just to SUPA PhD students using 'SUPANOTE', the Students Announcements Forum.

You may also need some or all of the following:

Registration of participants
Targetted mailshot by email
Targetted mailshot by post
An entry in the SUPA Calendar

Please contact SUPA Central for further help.