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    The SUPA Mail Room

    This is an area set up for the administration of mailing lists. Please consult the SUPA Communications wiki for further guidance.

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    SUPA Events Forum

    This forum is for announcements about Distinguished Visitor Lectures and other SUPA events. Please read the 'Organising SUPA Events' wiki before posting here.

    My.SUPA members may, if they wish, unsubscribe themselves from this forum.

    Any SUPA member may post an announcement here.

    This forum is specifically for events and should not be used as a general 'all-supa' mailing list. There is an all-supa list - you will find the email address for it in the SUPA Communications wiki.

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    Student announcements

    The Student Announcements in the 'Student' courses also acts as a convenient mailing list so that messages can be sent just to SUPA students rather than to everyone.

    This list is maintained and kept up to date as new student lists are received each year.

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