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Notes. Where can I find the notes for my course?

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When you are logged into My.SUPA, your courses will be listed in a box on the right hand side of the first page of My.SUPA. If you can see a list of course categories instead of your courses, log in.

My.SUPA list of courses and areas box appears top right of front page after you log in

Your courses are those for which you are currently registered. If this list is incorrect or incomplete, contact 'courses' at SUPA Central (

Look at the relevant week or view the resources list.

Materials are only available to students once the lecturer has released them from their master files list.


Postscript files. How do I open ps files?

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To open PostScript files you will need a suitable client like GhostScript.

Internet Explorer may attempt to stop you viewing PostScript files. An Information Bar may pop up. It usually reads something like "To help protect your security, Internet Explorer blocked this site from downloading files to your computer. Click here for options..."

Click for the options and select 'Download File...'

Choose whether to 'Open' the file now to to 'Save' it for later viewing.


PowerPoint - I'm not a Windows user. How can I view PowerPoint files?

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Struggling to view your lecturer's slides? Try the TonicPoint viewer.



Enrolment. How do I enrol on a SUPA course?

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To enrol on a SUPA course, first go to the My.SUPA area for the course. (How do I find a course area?)

Screenshot of enrolment linkIf the course is open for self-enrolment, there will be an enrolment link in the administration block on the left hand side of the page.

When you click on the link, you will be taken to the enrolment page. You will be asked to decide whether you are joining the course as a student or as an auditor. (More information about auditing courses)

If this is the first time you have enrolled in a SUPA course this year, you will also be asked to consent to being recorded in lectures. If you do not consent to be recorded, leave the consent box unchecked. (More information about recording)

Finally, click on the 'Enrol' button at the bottom of the page to enrol on the course.

If you are enrolled on a course, your name will appear in the list of participants and the name of the course will appear in the 'My courses or areas' blocks. This block can be found on the top right of the front page of My.SUPA and on the left hand side of every internal page. Note that it only shows you your courses when you're logged in.

If you change your mind about a course, or wish to swap from student to auditor or vice versa, unenrol from the course and start again.

If you change your mind about recording consent, please email


Non-SUPA courses: How do I apply for credit for non-SUPA courses?

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You will find guidance on the procedures for obtaining credit for non-SUPA courses in the Student Handbook as well as



Editing my course

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How do I change or edit the text in my course?

Staff can refer to the notes in the SUPA Teaching Staff area or the .

This includes some a leaflet on things you can do with My.SUPA, and also some instructions to help you to upload a file.


Maths: Can I type in LaTeX?

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In most parts of My.SUPA, including discussion forums, you can type in LaTeX and the expression will be rendered as an image in html pages and emails.

Example: Type the following without the spaces between the dollar signs:


to get


More help is available on using LaTeX notation



Unsubscribe: How to I unsubscribe from a forum?

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To unsubscribe from a forum, click on the link at the bottom of any email received from that forum. Alternatively, log into My.SUPA, find the forum and click on the 'Unsubscribe' me link on the right hand side of the page.

Note that you cannot unsubscribe from News Forums. These are the forums we use to tell you about important events like cancelled lectures.



Account : How do I get a SUPA account?

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A My.SUPA account can be automatically issued if you are a member of staff or PhD student in Physics or a related area and have a university email address from a SUPA partner

Use the quick self-service form to request a SUPA account if you are a PhD student or a member of staff in a department of physics and/or astronomy at Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Heriot-Watt, St Andrews, Strathclyde or UWS universities.

Quick self-service My.SUPA account setup for staff and PhD students

For other account requests please use the form below. 
Use the 'other account requests' if you are not a staff member or PhD student in one of the SUPA universities.

Other account requests for My.SUPA


Login: How can I get a My.SUPA login?

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