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Distinguished Visitor Lectures

SUPA provides funding for the support of workshops, meetings, conferences and summer schools and for the support of the expenses of distinguished visitors. The primary aim of these schemes is to advance and further the international reputation of SUPA research. The potential benefit of the meetings or visits to SUPA graduate students and researchers is a major criterion for judging applications.

The annual budget for these schemes is £145K per financial year reducing to £96K in financial year 09/10 (the last year of SUPA I).The grants are administered by the Graduate School Management Committee (GSMC).

More information and the application form are available in the Graduate School section of the main SUPA website. A list of successful applications is available online for SUPA members. All applications must be typed. Hand-written applications will not be accepted. The case for support should be no longer than 3 pages and the CV should contain no more than five most recent publications. Longer applications will be returned to you for editing.

Application forms should be returned to SUPA Central by email not later than three working days before the next GSMC meeting. GSMC meetings are listed on the SUPA Calendar. The e-mail used for this purpose is:"> Both secretaries receive e-mails sent to funding.

Receipt of your application will be confirmed and the application will then be added to the papers for the next GSMC meeting.

Funding letters will be sent to successful applicants with a copy to the finance office in the appropriate institution(s).

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