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    Particle Physics Theme Area

    The SUPA Graduate School runs an extensive programme of Particle Physics courses to provide new graduate students with the necessary skills required to carry out research. The Particle Physics courses are divided into categories corresponding to whether the student is undertaking theoretical or experimental research, core lectures are compulsory for first year students in both areas.  

    Theory Students are strongly recommended to attend all the ‘Common Core’ and ‘Theory Core’ courses. Experimentalists are strongly recommended to attend all the ‘Common Core’ and ‘Experiment Core’ courses. Theory students are also welcome to attend courses in the experiment core and vice versa. Students should discuss with their supervisor which optional courses they should attend.

    Semester 1 (including the list and course description)

    Semester 2 (including the list and course description)

    Transferable skills courses:

    In addition, general topics should be studied, and those of particular interest to astronomy and space physics students include advanced data analysis (an introductory prequel is also offered) and courses in different programming languages such as C++, plus transferable skills modules.

    Transferable skills semester 1

    Transferable skills semester 2

    Please discuss your choice with your PhD supervisor.
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    Theme Leader: Prof. Paul Soler (
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      Particle Physics Resources

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        Particle Physics Meetings, Seminars, Workshops and Colloquia

        Information about Particle Physics meetings can now be found in the Particle Physics meetings area.

        The resources from the meeting on 27 April 2004 have been moved to the Particle Physics meetings area, SUPAPPHmeetings.

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