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    Condensed Matter and Materials Physics Theme Area

    Condensed Matter and Materials Physics (CMMP) is a diverse subject covering many different specialities and attracts PhD students arriving from wide range of backgrounds with different balances of theoretical and practical training. The program of study is therefore tailored individually for each student, in consultation with his or her PhD supervisor. The overall range and level of courses offered aim to introduce students to subject areas outside the immediate confines of their thesis research, as well as providing more specialist knowledge directly relevant to each dissertation. It is envisaged that during the first two years of study every student will complete a minimum of two physics-content courses, at least one summer school, plus at least one module covering transferable skills. A typical program will comprise the following elements:

    CMMP courses organised by SUPA: 

    These are either graduate specific or advanced masters courses made available to all centres over the SUPA videoconferencing network. Courses offered are listed below and form the backbone on the CMMP graduate school programme.

    Semester 1 (including the list and course description)

    Enrolment for Semester 2 courses opens in December

    Semester 2 (including the list and course description)

    SUPACLP Chaikin and Lubensky's Principles of Condensed Matter 
      -  Schedule and timetable for Semester 2 2018/19 to be confirmed for SUPACLP

    SUPAMPS Matrix Product State and Tensor Network Approaches to Many Body Systems
      - will not be available a advertised,  as the course is not taking place in Strathclyde this year.

    Summer Schools: 

    Examples of appropriate summer schools include ‘Physics by the Sea’ (St Bees School, Cumbria) for those with an interest in theory and HERCULES (Grenoble, France) for those doing research involving neutron and X-ray scattering at central facilities.

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    Theme leader: Dr. Brendon Lovett (
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