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Enrolment for SUPA Graduate School courses in Semester I will be open between 9th September and 10th October 2014; Semester II will be open between 10th November 2014 and 9th January 2015.

Organising a SUPA Event [login required] has been added to the help documentation and SUPAmail.

SUPA Communications has been added to SUPAmail. It introduces the new all-supa mailing list.

SUPA Graduate School

New files for 2014/15

List of Graduate School Theme areas

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How to enrol

Enrolment for courses for Semester 1 of 2014/2015 will be open between 09/09/2014 and 10/10/2014; Semester 2 of 2014/2015 will be open between 10/11/2014 and 9/01/2015. After you have logged in, you may visit course areas listed by theme above or using the 'All courses' list. Click on 'enrol in this course' while viewing the course page to enrol.

Late enrolment may be possible but cannot be guaranteed because the rooms may have been booked for other events. Please contact the courses office by email.

You will be expected to participate fully in the courses for which you have enrolled. If you find you are unable to attend a lecture due to illness or other commitments, please email the SUPA courses office.

Credit for non-SUPA courses:

Credit should be requested via your GSMC representative, who will be able to advise you on your choices. Approval will then be sought from the GSMC by your local rep. Once a course is approved and your GSMC rep has advised us of your final mark, your record will be updated.

The information about enrolments was last updated on 12 Aug. 2014


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