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    Getting Started with Video-Conferencing

    Lecture in Edinburgh SUPA roomIn this course you'll find a set of resources to help you to get started in using the SUPA video network to attend or deliver lectures.

    Lectures are booked so that the video conference service Vscene automatically calls your room.  The rooms are set up to automatically answer the calls.

    When attending a lecture you will need to turn on your projectors or video screens, and press a button on the desk to switch between the two cameras.  See 'starting a call' below.

    If there is a lot of noise, you might be asked to make use of the  â€˜microphone mute / unmute ’ button  on the Vidyo remote.  See 'during a call' below.

    If your room is not connected to the conference exactly at the expected time, please contact us immediately.  

    There are instructions posted in each room and contact numbers for support.  

    If this is your first time using the equipment, please do get in touch with your local support contact (listed below) and arrange a short 10-15 minute training session before using the rooms, and make sure that you know who to contact if there is a problem at the start or during a call.

  • Topic 1

    Quick start guides

    In this section you'll find a set of quick start guides which you can use as a quick reminder of the process of taking part in a SUPA lecture

  • Topic 2

    General Support Notices

    In this section you'll find general support notices for the rooms, including our fire procedure

  • Topic 3

    Who to call / First time using the room

    For technical help, or if this is your first time using the room, please contact your local IT contact:

    • Aberdeen - Media Services -  (Alex Gow / Ted Pridham / Bruce Beatite)
    • Dundee - Gary Callon -
    • Edinburgh - SOPA-Support -
    • Glasgow - Andrew Fraser -
    • Heriot Watt - Sean Farrell -
    • St Andrews - Ian Taylor -
    • Strathclyde - Physics IT support -
    • UWS - Tom Cadell -
    Support contact phone numbers will be provided in each room. See support list below:
  • Topic 9

    Interactive Whiteboard / Smartboard

    In this section you'll find resources for the interactive whiteboard.