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My.SUPA has been setup to allow maths to be written quickly using LaTeX notation. This can be included anywhere you see a text box in your course area -- including news or social forums, web pages and wikis. The format for entering LaTeX in My.SUPA is to wrap the code between two pairs of dollar signs. $$ a=b+c $$

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div (division)

$$x\div~y$$ gives x\div~y

double vertical line (norm symbol)

  • Syntax: \left\|...\right\|
  • Exp.: $$\left\|af\right\| = \left|a\right|\left\|f\right\|$$ gives

\left\|af\right\| = \left|a\right|\left\|f\right\|


epsilon (lower case greek letter)

$$\epsilon$$ gives \epsilon

escaping the TeX filter

  • With two triple $'s embracing an expression you can make the filter to escape and the code itself is shown (with two embracing double $'s).
  • Ex.: $$$a^2$$$ produces $$a^2$$, i.e. prevents the filter to render it as a formula gif.

eta (lower case greek letter)

$$\eta$$ gives \eta


Feynman Diagrams using LaTeX

feynMF and feynMP is a tool made by Thorsten Ohl to draw Feynman diagrams in LaTeX.

In his paper, [Ohl 1995], he explains how his package along with LaTeX and Metafont can be used to draw such diagrams.

This package has been installed on the SUPA web server, and My.SUPA has been modified to allow such diagrams to be shown in course pages, wikis and forums.

\unitlength = 1mm

\unitlength = 1mm \begin{fmffile}{simpletwo} \begin{fmfgraph}(60,45) \fmfleft{i1,i2} \fmfright{o1,o2} \fmf{fermion}{i1,v1,o1} \fmf{fermion}{i2,v2,o2} \fmf{photon}{v1,v2} \end{fmfgraph} \end{fmffile}

Note all examples using feynmp articles need to be wrapped in the following code to start a new feynman diagram environment at a sensible size.

$$ ....... starts LaTeX interpretation
\unitlength = 1mm
\begin{fmffile}{tmpfile} ..... temp name does not matter
\begin{fmfgraph*}(40,30) ..... increase x,y size of diagram here
... example goes here ...

formula box

$$\fbox{x=\frac{1}{2}}$$  gives



  • Syntax: \frac{numerator}{denominator}
  • Use font sizing commands for¬†specific sizing if you don't want the predefined one to be taken.
  • Ex. (with predefined sizing): $$f(x,y)=\frac{2a}{x+y}$$ gives


  • Ex. (with specific sizing): $$f(x,y)=\frac{\fs{2}2a}{\fs{2}x+y}$$ gives


  • You may nest fractions as much as you want.
  • Ex. (nested fractions): $$\frac{\frac{a}{x-y}+\frac{b}{x+y}}{1+\frac{a-b}{a+b}}$$ gives


Function names

Function names supplied by LaTeX:

\arccos \cos \csc \exp \ker \limsup
\arcsin \cosh \deg \gcd \lg \ln
\arctan \cot \det \hom \lim \log
\arg \coth \dim \inf \liminf \max
\sinh \sup \tan \tanh \min \Pr
\sec \sin


gamma (lower case greek letter)

$$\gamma$$ gives \gamma

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